Monday, January 4, 2010

Durian durian, KL

Durian is also known as the king of fruits and has this pungent smell that many Caucasians are not able to stomach. To us, it definitely smells good but I've had Caucasian friends who compared the smell to that of a sewage. :s

Maybe it's because I've been deprived from good durian in Australia so lately I've been in this durian phase especially when it's incorporated into pastries. This year's durian harvest was really good and my sister bought me this gorgeous cream puffs from Petaling Street which tasted absolutely divine!

While walking at Pavilion, KL. I came across this shop which sells all durian incorporated pastry! Yummy! I managed to sample some of their products and the durian butter cake tastes good with really strong durian flavour. :D Apparently their durian mochi uses 100% pure durian without the addition of any cream, so it's something I'm eyeing the next time I'm there.

I bought home some durian macarons because I am still too afraid to attempt macaron making just yet. :P A box of 6 costs me RM8 and I was disappointed with how little durian cream they gave me. :( Despite the small box and miserable amount of durian cream, the smell and taste was still very strong. Quadruple the amount of cream would make me a very happy girl. :P

The products sold in this shop definitely has a very distinct and strong durian flavour in their pastries which is something I like. Durian mochi, I'm coming back for you. :)

Durian Durian
Lot P1.11.04, Level 1
Pavilion KL Shopping Mall
Phone: (03) 89949308


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