Friday, July 24, 2009

Sam's guide to Chili Pan Mee

Find the right store. Beware of unscrupulous competition that tries to look the part.

Order dried pan mee. About 30-45 mins wait.

While waiting. Sniff and savour the aroma of the key of the dish - dried chilli.

Make sure egg yolk isn't thoroughly cooked. Pour liberal amount of chilli depending on tolerance to spiciness.

Mix. Ensure that egg yolk and chilli covers every strand of noodle.

Clean it well. Done? Not quite.

With soup provided, pour some into bowl to wash the sides. Proceed to drink the soup from bowl.

Finally, exit the premises feeling utter satisaction from what RM5+ can bring you then live to remember what it tasted like in your mouth. Be certain that you'll be back for more. ;)


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