Friday, July 24, 2009

Gastronomic trip to Malacca

A road trip to Malacca for the lovely yummies!

Heritage city.

Lunch: Chicken Rice Balls

Let us in!

The queue for chicken rice balls. :(

Superb chicken rice balls.

Fanning the satays.

Pork satay


Nyonya laksa.

Nyonya curry


Doused with gula Melaka. Possibly world's best. *drool*

Best thirst quencher for a hot day.

Dinner: Nyonya Food

Cincalok Egg.

Good otak-otak. Yum!

Asam fish.

Some chicken. xP

Supper: Satay Celup

The super long queue for satay celup. :( 45 minutes wait.

Crowded satay celup place.

Super excited!

The secret sauce. Not to mention dipped with everyone's saliva.

I have the urge to run to Penang to hunt for good food some time soon. Anyone with me?


Wen said...

i had this chicken rice balls too! same shop!

Sam said...

This is the original chicken rice balls shop. :)

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