Monday, September 21, 2009

Mapo, Adelaide

I've heard many good reviews of Mapo Korean Restaurant from peers and when I hear something is good, I've got to try it. So after much bugging and pleading for a friend to bring me there, I finally found myself sitting at their tables and having my senses in delight!

Entree platter (L-R): Chilli Mushroom Wontons, Mapo Money Bags and Yook Hwe.

The wontons were nothing to shout about but the money bags were filled with juicy, succulent prawns and the yook hwe is amazing! The yook hwe is the Korean version of steak tartare and it's basically seasoned julienne raw beef on a bed of fresh apple, with a raw egg yolk. I bet you're just as skeptical as my friend and I after reading that but trust me, it's oh so good!

Post-mixing 'Tender Duck Fillets'

My friend and I were too excited that we eagerly sliced it up and mixed everything before realizing I forgot to snap pictures! This dish is marinated duck breast, oven baked then chargrilled served on a nest of tempura vegetables with creamy basil sauce. The sauce is heavenly and it goes too well with the tempura vegetables. My friend and I were scraping every last bit of the sauce.

Coconut Tempura Prawns

Prawns coated in shredded coconut and cooked tempura style served with homemade Korean tartare sauce. When I first had a bite, the fusion of flavours delighted my tastebuds. It's definitely something out of the ordinary yet the flavours matched and blended well. However, the consecutive bites that follow weren't as exciting. It's good but it's not something I would scrape every last bit off.

Definitely a place worth going again! :D

Mapo Korean Restaurant
113 Gouger St
Adelaide 5000 SA
Phone: (08) 8211 6042

Entree: $6.90-$19.90
Mains: $10.90-$19.90
Dessert: $5.50-$9.90


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