Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ding Hao, Adelaide

This is the favourite Chinese restaurant for my friend and her family to dine and they're sure to visit the place whenever her family is here for a visit. Since her bf came all the way, she thought it would seem appropriate for her to ask us along for dinner.

Spicy eggplant with minced chicken. Wasn't quite what I expected. Was a bit too sour for my liking.

Salted egg with minced chicken and tofu. One of my preferred dished for the night. Would have been better if there was more salted fish.

Stir fry chili garlic long bean. This dish was the hit of the night. Crunchy and packed with garlicky goodness.

Pork belly with preserved vegetables. Flavour was alright but was too stingy on the preserved vegetables.

Smoked tea duck. Your average roasted duck served with hoisin sauce.

Ding Hao
26 Gouger St
Adelaide 5000 SA
Phone: (08) 8211 7036

Entree: $4-$6
Mains: $11-$19
Dessert: $6


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